Worldwide Radio Through the Wonders of Technology!

I try to just stick to the music on this blog, so probably some of you don’t know that I’ve escaped the Iowa winter to have two months of Spanish immersion in tropical Barranquilla, Colombia! I’ve been here for a week already, and my official Spanish classes started on today, although of course I’ve been learning new words and phrases every day. I’m staying with my husband’s family and they are taking very good care of me.

Carro de Mula

One of the things my husband said motivated him to learn English was the number of books wanted to read about physics and science that were only available in English. Following that logic, I’ve started looking for things I like – music and poetry – in Spanish so that I’ll be motivated to learn the meanings. Yes, we’re the Artist and the Scientist, but we do have plenty of common interests, for example the internet and technology.

The cool thing about technology is I can talk or chat with my husband, family and friends every day online, and I can also record my radio shows here and send them all the way to the station in the States via FTP! And the cool thing about researching Latin music is it opens up a whole new world of songs for the Lyrical Venus Radio Hour!

While there’s a whole world of fun stuff to share, this week I decided to focus solely on female singer-songwriters from Colombia. I’ve found six amazing Colombian women who write and sing their own songs. The one you probably know already is Shakira, who is actually from the very city I’m in – Barranquilla! I’ve even driven past the place where she went to high school. That was actually one of my self imposed homework exercises – there was a recent article in the paper about her that I read with the help of my trusty pocket dictionary.

In any case, I’m super proud of my radio show I sent in for this week! You can listen at 100.1 FM in Fairfield, online worldwide. Tuesday morning at 9 AM CST.

If you hear it let me know what you think!

2 Responses to “Worldwide Radio Through the Wonders of Technology!”

  1. trick says:

    I kept meaning to ask–how are you sending the show in?? FTP? Something else?

  2. Heather says:

    Yup, FTP. There was another option that I believe is called “yousendit” for large files, but this is direct to the station, so it’s faster. Although I’m not sure if it’s the internet connection here, the size of the file or both, but it takes between 20-30 minutes to upload it.

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