Win an Autographed Ani DiFranco Poster!

Just a quick heads up – Ani’s team on MySpace is giving away an autographed poster. All you have to do to enter the drawing is send a MySpace message on August 4th.

Details from the MySpace bulletin:

“This is just a reminder to everyone that this Saturday, August 4, (TOMORROW) you have from 11AM to 4PM (EST) to enter to win an AUTOGRAPHED ANI POSTER.

It appears that some of you got confused and have been sending me entries before the contest has started. Entries received before 11AM EST August 4 will not be considered in the drawing. So if you entered before, enter again between 11AM and 4PM tomorrow to make sure your name is in the drawing.

All you have to do is send me a MySpace Message with REPEAT OFFENDER in the subject line sometime between 11 and 4. Include your name and address and I’ll do a random drawing from all of the entries. The winner will be announced, Monday, August 6 on the MySpace blog at 12PM EST.

The drawing will be completely random and this time, it’s not based on how fast you are, it’s based on how lucky you are.


So if you aren’t friends with Ani yet, go add her now and send in your MySpace Messages tomorrow!

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