Win A Signed Copy of Priscilla Ahn’s New CD!

Priscilla Ahn’s debut full length CD A Good Day has been out for a little over a month now, and the response has been great! Here are a few quotes from recent reviews:

“from her first breaths in ‘Dream,’ she possesses a presence that can’t be overlooked. It’s not just the startling clarity of her singing, but also the lovely and occasionally wry songwriting that’s bound to capture listeners’ attention and imaginations.” – NPR

“lithe, lovely folk-pop” – People

“a classic folk album for the iPod generation.” – Paste

In other good news, Priscilla has just announced her summer tour with her first headlining shows! That plus a few opening slots with both Willie Nelson and Amos Lee, as well as some summer festival slots. (She already hit the Targhee Fest alongside folk greats Emmylou Harris and Lyle Lovett, and will play the Folks Fest in Lyons in August. I’m going. SO EXCITED.) Tour dates are posted on her website and her MySpace. (MySpace seems to be more up to date, it has more dates filled in.)

If you are a regular reader, you know that I’m a big fan of Priscilla, and even got an exclusive email interview with her a few weeks back. Well, I’m happy to announce that for the first ever contest on this blog I’ve got a *signed* copy of A Good Day to give away!

There’s just two little things you have to do to enter the contest:

1) Leave a comment on this post describing a good day for you. It can be one that actually happened, or one that you wish would happen. You can give me a nice big story or it can just be simple like – “A good day is when I get my paycheck.” (I’m going to put all the names of the commenters in a hat and have my brother draw one, so you don’t have to worry about your comment being the best one or something.)

2) Send an email to LyricalVenus at gmail dot com so I can contact you if you win! Even if you sign in with your email to comment, Blogger doesn’t show me what it is, so this step is really important. If I don’t have your email I’ll have no way to get a hold of you and I’ll have to give your signed Priscilla CD to someone else! How sad would you be if that happened? Just tell me the name you used to comment with, and don’t worry, I won’t use your email for anything else other than contacting you if you win.

So one more time – leave a comment about a good day AND send me an email. Simple right? The drawing will be on July 31st, so you have a week, but go ahead and do it now before you forget. If you’ve been reading for a while but haven’t ever left a comment, today would be a good day to start! (oh man, pun not intended, but so good I had to leave it!)

And if you don’t win, you can always download A Good Dayicon on iTunes!

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13 Responses to “Win A Signed Copy of Priscilla Ahn’s New CD!”

  1. Nandi says:

    A good day, for me, is when I can leisurely knit from the morning to evening, while being outside, watching a movie or good tv show on a big screen (like movie screen).

  2. gilrocam says:

    I’d like to listen to the CD while eating fish and drinking lime juice!

  3. nolabear says:

    a good day for me is a beautiful song lingering in the background. while i work in my gorgeous photo studio preparing for my next exhibit. in a place that contains my own garden, stream, summer cottage and summer kitchen. Satisfaction!

  4. Nusi says:

    A good day for me would be listening to a live performance by an artist or band that I didn’t know about before and having them blow me away with their fantastic music.

  5. Bud says:

    A good day is sitting deep in the woods sitting along a little creek with a fishing pole listening to nothing but nature at its best.

  6. jana says:

    Good day: get up at 8, pancakes and coffee, write a song, it rains in the afternoon while I have a nap, and going to a gig one of my friends is playing and hanging out. Wooohoo!

  7. Sankari W. says:

    a good day for me is where I don’t have to cook/clean and i can spend the whole day with my kids, my husband and my parents/family/friends while playing outside in the sunshine, having a picnic, watching the sunset and then the kids go to sleep by themselves (ha!) and I can scrapbook and stamp uninterrupted …

    that is one version – there are so many other versions – in some of them i have superhero powers, in other’s I am having dinner with Johnny Depp since he is one of my best friends, etc. —- so hard just to pick one :)

    great to read your blog heather – love what you are doing!!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    A good day for me is doing somet’hing like this; helping out a friend.

    A good day is seeing other friends names and photos that I havn’t seen in ages.

  9. Heather says:

    Anonymous, thanks for the comment! Send me an email to LyricalVenus (at) gmail (dot) com so I know who you are and can enter you in the contest! :)

  10. Theresa says:

    A good day would be spent with family and friends who are currently spread all over the world. They would be here for my wedding to my dream man… yeah that would be a good day!


  11. Cielle says:

    Some of the best days of my life were days when I swam with wild dolphins. I’ve had the great fortune to do this several times … off the coast in Florida, in the Bahamas and Hawaii. When those days are capped by watching the sun set into the sea all the better.

  12. Sankari W. says:

    Yay! I can make another comment before the end of the deadline! I am so glad that I got to reconnect with you through blogging! You are right – its totally crazy that we live in the same town – and see each other more in cyberspace than Fairfield! Glad that I get to feel the lyrical venus vibe when I get to come onto your blog – I just gave you an award on my blog!!!

    YOU rock Heather!

  13. lucky lucky girl says:

    A good day for me is so many things – a day spent with my man having fun and not having to meet a deadline; a day when we can eat all delicious, freshly cooked food and I don’t have to do any cleaning and yet the place is spotless; when everyone you meet is nice; when you get a free pizza from the best pizzeria in town; a day when there are NO computer problems; oh, there are just so many more!

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