Victoria Trestrail on Lyrical Venus Radio Tues 8/25!

Singer-Songwriter Victoria Trestrail
Singer-Songwriter Victoria Trestrail

Once again, I marvel at the power of the internet to connect me, right here in Iowa with my little laptop, to amazing people from around the world!

Take Victoria Trestrail –  born and raised on the island of Trinidad in the Caribbean, Victoria’s heritage is Venezuelan, Scottish, Portuguese, German and English. Those varied backgrounds peek through her music, from wild gypsy dance and grooving Latin rhythms to melancholy heartbreak songs, all woven through with her haunting voice. A poet for over 20 years and songwriter for 2, Victoria is also a self-taught audio engineer and producer.

Victoria’s passion and creativity and range also shine through in the videos she has created for her songs, like this one for Our Wilderness, a tender tribute to Mother Nature:

Compare that with the gritty, fun and campy Showdown with a Wild West twang:

If you’re reading elsewhere, you may need to come to the blog to see the videos

For more info on Victoria, check out her profile on ReverbNation:

or this newspaper interview:,91773.html

You can also get her music on Amazon:
or Rhapsody:

And of course, you can tune in to the interview with Victoria on Lyrical Venus!  Tues 8/25.  Show is from 9-10am Central time US, interview will start shortly after 9am.  The second half of the show will feature music by artists I met at Rocky Mountain Song School & Folks Fest!  Tune in to KRUU-LP 100.1 FM here in town or to online anywhere!

4 Responses to “Victoria Trestrail on Lyrical Venus Radio Tues 8/25!”

  1. Dave Zeman says:

    I’ve got to spend some time with this recommendation… looks great.


  2. Lyrical Venus says:

    Hey Dave, thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoy Victoria’s music!

  3. Christine says:

    Leave it to you to find such a cool chica! Thanks for sharing this! <3

  4. Lyrical Venus says:

    Thanks for reading Christine! Victoria is definitely one cool chica!

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