Truckstop Souvenir On Lyrical Venus Radio! Tues 9am

I’ve been a big fan of the husband and wife Americana duo Truckstop Souvenir pretty much since they moved to town a couple years ago from Seattle. First off, anyone who can see and appreciate the beauties of this state gets big points in my book! I know it’s not perfect here, but there’s plenty to enjoy if you take the time to recognize it. Secondly I loved how their sound on their debut album Leave Nothing Behind was so vintage, yet completely new.

So I’ve been eagerly awaiting their new album for a while now, and I’m super excited for the CD release party is this weekend at Cafe Paradiso (Sat 8pm)! Under A Big Blue Sky was recorded in Lauryn and Dennis’ home studio here in Fairfield, which is no easy trick with all the frequent trains passing by. They did slip one appropriate train whistle on the album between the songs For The Coal and Railroad Man!

You just may hear a train whistle during their interview on Lyrical Venus this Tuesday, what with the station being right by the tracks! Luckily it’s a nostalgic sound that fits with their themes – dusty roads, wide rivers, tiny mining towns, old time rodeos and lonely motels. Whether it’s a slow, heartbreaking ballad like Sing those Blues Away or a twangy, loping country tune like The River Is Wide, every track is sparse yet perfectly accompanied by either guitar, mandolin, fiddle, piano, bass, viola, cello or clawhammer banjo. And either Lauryn or Dennis played practically all of those on the album!

That’s just the instruments. One of my favorite parts of Truckstop Souvenir’s music is how their voices blend in the kind of harmonies only a husband and wife team can achieve. That and their deep love of the land, and things that may have slipped from the common person’s awareness but really matter.

So if you need an escape to the good ole days with some real good people, tune in at 9am Central for some Lyrical Venus-y tunes, and the Truckstop Souvenir interview at 9:30. KRUU-LP 100.1 FM in town, online anywhere!

Get the Under a Big Blue Sky and their debut album Leave Nothing Behind directly from Lauryn and Dennis on their website.

Hear song samples on their website or MySpace.

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