Tristan Prettyman is Pretty Awesome!

It must have been time for me to discover Tristan Prettyman, because just a week after iTunes offered her song Madly as a free download, I did an interview with Rayna Royer on Lyrical Venus Radio and Rayna mentioned Tristan as one of her musical inspirations.

One of Tristan’s favorite things to do is surf, and her whole family is into surfing as well. Her MySpace page even talks about how one Christmas they all woke up and went surfing first thing instead of opening presents and they had the whole beach to themselves. You get to see a little bit of that surfing passion come through in the video for Always Feel This Way:

Always Feel This Way is from Tristan’s first album, Twenty Three, which is mostly acoustic and has that San Diego, Jason Mraz, Colbie Caillat, Jack Johnson, bubbly beach funk feel to it. The new one Hello…x features a backing band and the songs run a full range of flavors with country-ish pedal steel, funky stuff, jazzy stuff, pop and folk.

Check out the video for Madly off the new one, I love all those Polaroids.

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Pretty awesome right? Find out more about Tristan on her website or MySpace.

You can download the new album Hello…x on

Tristan Prettyman - Hello

or buy the CD on Amazon:

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  1. Bodhi Val says:

    I am so completely digging her these days. Glad to see she hit your blog. ; )

  2. Heather says:

    Yeah it’s good music for this time of year I think. mmmmm, spring! :)

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