There’s ‘No One’ Like Alicia Keys – But People are Trying!

When a song is good, a song is good. While it’s a little strange to me when people cover a song so soon after it comes out, it’s still fascinating to hear the different takes on it. Along the same line as Umbrella being covered by everyone last summer, another song everyone loves to sing these days is No One by Alicia Keys(iTunes link).

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No one has that voice, but I did come across a pretty nice cover of No One by way of the blog Can’t Hear You Over the Sound of How Awesome I Am.

It features French pop singer Tilly Key, who has an impressive, though different, set of pipes:

Find out more about Tilly:
Tilly’s Website has some samples from her album Child of the World. I recommend Never Saw the Sunrise as it has less instruments and shows off her voice better.

Anyone else have any other favorite covers of No One? There are plenty to be found on YouTube…

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One Response to “There’s ‘No One’ Like Alicia Keys – But People are Trying!”

  1. Annett Stryker says:

    Alicia Keys Tha’ Bomb! I wish I had the voice that she has . I think it is so unique for anyone that know how to play a piano as divine as she does.

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