The Shells on Lyrical Venus Radio 11/17

Cosmo Country Band The Shells
Cosmo Country band The Shells

I always love getting new leads on great bands in my inbox, but not everything that comes my way is women artists, so when I saw things like “female harmony trio” and “MTV nomination for Best Breakout Artists in New York City” introducing the The Shells, I knew they were high on the list of potentials for a Lyrical Venus blog feature before even hearing a note!

Carrie Welling from Colorado Springs, CO, Melanie Klaja from Buffalo, NY, and Jessica Rae Waltz from Nashville, TN met in New York City in 2005 and formed The Shells.  After spending a while trying to use a long line of descriptions for their sound (like pop-rock-folk-alternative-country) they decided to coin their own term – “Cosmo Country”.

How do they know if something is Cosmo Country?  As The Shells say in a recent interview on The Mothpod,  “Our style always has to pass this one test:  If Carrie Bradshaw from Sex & the City would wear/do it, if Carrie Underwood would wear/do it and if Carrie Welling (from The Shells) would also, then it passes The Shells’ Cosmo Country test!”

It’s a great description for their debut album, Written Roads.  Released this October, Written Roads has a little bit of everything that is captured so well in the words Cosmo Country – a little twang, a little edge, a little grit, a little sweetness and a whole lot of honesty.  Each of the girls contributed by writing songs for the album, documenting bits of their life journeys to add up to one bigger journey of Written Roads.  Carrie, Melanie and Jessica have worked hard in a super competitive environment.  That they show up as graceful, tough and fun all in one, and are still together after four years is testament both to their strength and their passion for their craft.

Ready to hear for yourself? Check out The Shells site, friend them on MySpace or Facebook, and follow them on Twitter for updates!

And of course, tune in to KRUU Tuesday 11/17 for a live interview with them!  KRUU-LP 100.1 in town, online from anywhere. The Shells will be calling at 9:30AM Central (10:30 EST). Tune in at 9:00AM for some great tunes from other Lyrical Venus ladies before the interview.

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