Shout It Out! Adrianne Rocks!

I almost missed
Girlyman when they came through this fall. I’m glad I didn’t, or I would have also missed out on discovering a new favorite artist! The concert was on a Monday night, an hour and a half away, and I kind of spaced on getting a ticket till that actual day. I think it was partly that I was waiting for their street team coordinator to get back to me, the last time they came through I put up posters and such in exchange for a ticket, but it never happened this time around. All of a sudden at work I thought “Hey wasn’t the concert today?” Luckily when I called CSPS they still had tickets.

I got stuck wrapping up end of day stuff at work, so I arrived at CSPS a little late, and the opening act had already started. I could hear her from over the divider, and as I whispered to the door man that I had a ticket held for me I thought “Who is THAT?!”

Scurrying to an empty seat on the edge (every seat is good at CSPS) I settled in and looked up to see a girl with cool tattoos, spiky hair and a guitar finishing a song with Nate from Girlyman. Her name was Adrianne and her set proved her to be everything I love in a musician – powerful, intelligent, confident, insightful, vulnerable, humorous and talented! One particularly memorable moment of the evening was when a train came through town just as Adrianne was about to start a song. Every time she tried to start, the train would blast its horn, probably 7 or 8 times. It was really to the point of ridiculousness, but she handled it gracefully, joking about how she now understood why their hotel for the night offered complimentary earplugs.

I knew before her set was over that I’d be going home with two CD’s that night, the new Girlyman one, and an Adrianne one. I ended up choosing her album Down To This, which is a collection of live acoustic recordings, because I figured it would be the closest to what I’d seen that night that I liked so much. Don’t let the word “acoustic” fool you, Adrianne’s music runs the full range from soft & sweet to full out rockin’ it! The high energy Shout It Out (her self proclaimed “Avril moment”) really got me through several days at work. The song is so fun and infectious, it was all I could do not to “shout it out” along with her. :)

Adrianne’s press info includes an impressive roster of people she’s shared the stage with, including many of my personal favorites:

“Adrianne has been playing, writing and performing for over ten years, by way of Miami, Boston, Toronto, London and now Los Angeles. She has shared the stage with artists like Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne, Michelle Malone, Melissa Ferrick, Emm Gryner, Tegan and Sara, Girlyman, Kay Hanley, Peter Mulvey, Lori McKenna, The Weepies, Kristen Hall, Matt Nathanson, Tracy Bohnam, Ember Swift and Michelle Lewis, Jonatha Brooke, Ian Moore, Colin Hay and Jeff Buckley and Julie Wolf…”

If the company she keeps gives you any indication of what caliber to expect, the bar is set pretty high! With her song 10,000 Stones on Men in Trees on Friday December 7th, and a new album due out in February 2008, I think we can look forward to a lot more from Adrianne!

Bio, tour updates, album listings, music, vids and more:
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Photo by Jeff Fasano

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