I love the musicians I write about and want to support them! If you love their music too, one of the best ways you can show them is to pay them for it! (My favorite way is to buy a CD in person after a concert.)

Often musicians will have a way to purchase single tracks, CD’s or other merchandise directly from their official websites or MySpace pages. Sometimes your local book or record store can order albums for you. is one great way to support independent artists because a bigger percentage goes directly to them.

You can also buy from online retailers listed below. (Yes, I would get a commission if you click through and actually buy something. But I don’t list any retailers unless I use and trust them myself!)


Apple iTunes

If you want to support this site, consider buying some Lyrical Venus merchandise! I get a small commission when you buy it and you spread the word when you use it or wear it, which helps all the artists featured on Lyrical Venus get a wee bit more exposure! Every bit helps.

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