Preview the New Single ‘Shine’ from Anna Nalick!

When Breathe (2AM) came out a couple years ago it was one of my favorite songs of the year and still remains high on my list, but I hadn’t really heard of anything new by Anna Nalick after her 2006 album Wreck of the Day. (above are iTunes links)

Feed and email readers may need to come to the blog to see the video

Turns out she was transitioning between labels and taking her time to to it “smartly and safely” as she says in her blog. (08.02.07 entry under the journal section on her site, it’s not set up to link directly to it.)

Anna’s been writing a lot of material the past couple years and was waiting for the go-ahead to start recording. Now she has premiered a new song online and it’s called Shine and has an album set to come out this summer!

So far you can hear Shine on PopEater, her MySpace and there’s a very simple video on YouTube that uses the words from her journal when she wrote it, but I bet Shine will start getting a lot more exposure soon. Anna’s notes on her site and MySpace describe how Shine has a very uplifting and positive message. It sympathizes with the Hollywood celebs for how public their lives are that all their mistakes are made under the glare of the camera. At the same time it encourages younger girls to look to the positive role models who are NOT doing crazy things for their success and realize that being a performer does not have to equal meltdowns and madness.

I’m sure I’ll post a review of the new album when it comes out. :-)

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2 Responses to “Preview the New Single ‘Shine’ from Anna Nalick!”

  1. Frank Gualtier says:

    Right on, I love Anna Nalick and that’s a great video. Nice!

  2. Sara Mu says:

    She’s smart lady. Being so young she has her whole career in front of her.

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