New Year Off to a Good Start!

Hello lovely readers! You will never guess what I did this morning to kick off the New Year! (Well, unless I told you about it already in person…)

I DID A RADIO SHOW ON KRUU FM!!! One whole hour!

In case all the exclamation points and capital letters didn’t clue you in already, I am very, very excited about this. :-)

KRUU is an awesome little local, low power, non-profit radio station here in town. This is the mission statement from their website:

“The mission of KRUU is to give Fairfield a voice and strengthen the community by encouraging creativity, dialogue and community involvement. KRUU is an open, inclusive, diverse forum for music, creative expression, information, and entertainment. It is a non-commercial, non-profit, community-supported low-power radio station with a strong emphasis on locally created and produced programming.”

Yeah, it pretty much kicks butt big time. It’s run on Open Source software, grassroots community support, enthusiasm, hard work and love. I think they have somewhere in the neighborhood of 75 DJ’s? With that many different people, you can imagine the diversity of the shows, somewhere in that mix there’s a little something for everyone. It’s low power, so the range is only 10-20 miles out from the center of town, but you can listen to the stream online from anywhere in the world.

And now I’ll tell you a little secret… When I came up with the name Lyrical Venus maybe a year ago, it was actually in anticipation of having a show on KRUU. But between them being super busy trying to learn how to build and run a 24 hour radio station from the ground up, and me being both busy and rather shy (especially when it comes to sharing music – bad run-ins with music snobs in the past), it’s taken this long to get started. I think it’s actually pretty good timing, because I’ve had this much time to discover more artists, build my music library and grow my confidence in my music tastes through this blog. So when James the station manager said to me at 6:30 last night, “You want to come in tomorrow morning at 9 AM? Do you have an hour’s worth of music you can play?” I was able to say “um, YES!”, tweak up a playlist, and still have a good time out at a friend’s house for New Years Eve. My co-host was out of town, but she’ll come back and it looks like we’ll have the 9:00 AM Tuesday slot going forward, so you can tune in to 100.1 FM in Fairfield, or online to listen to the Lyrical Venus Radio Hour every week!

Never fear readers, I shan’t abandon this blog now that have achieved my goal of a radio show. I quite like writing about my all-time favorite singers and new musical discoveries. I have so many artist posts sitting in little draft folders waiting for me to have time to flesh them out and put up for you.

Sometime soon I also want to do a “Lyrical Venus Best of 2007″ post, as well as set some goals for 2008. But I was so excited about this I had to share it before going to bed!

Oh, one last thing! Big thanks to any and all of you who read this blog on any sort of regular basis. It really blows my mind that people from around the world are reading the words I sit here typing on my little laptop! Please don’t be shy to comment or send me an email if you have any ideas or feedback, I really do love to hear from you.

Until next time, this is Heather, signing out!

3 Responses to “New Year Off to a Good Start!”

  1. Missy Keenan says:

    Congrats on the show. I know my hubby loves doing his show as a great creative outlet; I’m sure you will, too. Looking forward to listening…

  2. Frank Gualtier says:

    Huge congratulations to both you and to KRUU for being lucky enough to have you.

    “especially when it comes to sharing music – bad run-ins with music snobs in the past”

    Sad part is — many of them are snobby because they’ve grown cynical over having dealt with other snobs. Good for you for keeping a clear head and steadfast goal.


  3. Heather says:

    Thank you Missy and Frank! Your comments mean a lot to me!

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