New Videos: Marina & The Diamonds, Imogen Heap, Erin McKeown

Oh friends. If I actually got paid to blog about every cool thing I happened upon out here in the interwebs that was related to women in music, some of you might unsubscribe from the onslaught of overwhelming awesomeness. As it is, I’m so busy these days that I even owe you a back post on the Lisa Bianco interview I did last week, gulp! But in the past week I came across a few videos that so inspired me in different ways that I had to share!  To keep it quick, I will mostly let the videos speak for themselves.

The first is Marina and the Diamonds, with her official video for I Am Not A Robot. Managed to make me feel good about myself somehow and have me dancing in my chair at the same time:

I’ve been following Imogen Heap via her video blogs and twitter posts the past two years on her journey to create a new album. It’s finally finished and will release August 24th in the UK and August 25th in the US. It’s called Ellipse and this is the album teaser trailer. I nearly cried I was so inspired when I saw it, and then I promptly watched it two more times in a row. Maybe you had to be following the whole process, but I think some of the excitement translates regardless:

Finally, Erin McKeown is trying out a new kind of house concert – in HER house, live via the web! Neither house concerts or live webstreaming are new, but this is one of the first if not the first time I’ve seen it set up in such a classy way. The four concert series in July is called Cabin Fever, with each week’s concert in a different location in or around Erin’s cabin. This is the trailer:

If you’re reading this elsewhere, you may need to come to the actual blog to see the videos

Alrighty, hope that provided you with a little extra boost of inspiration in one way or another to finish off your June.  I can’t believe it’s very nearly July already!  yipes!

Stay tuned to the blog and to KRUU, I’ve got lots of good stuff in the pipeline!

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