Natalia Zuckerman Is In the Studio!

Natalia Zuckerman, folk-blues-country-jazzy-soul, singer-songwriter, slide guitarist extraordinaire is in the studio recording a new album!

Looks like she’s going to be posting updates on her MySpace blog. It’s always fun to get a little behind-the-scenes peek at things.

I love Natalia’s range of styles, and she’s an AWESOME guitarist! She played a solo concert at Cafe Paradiso last year. It was really amazing to watch her get sound out of her instruments with such ease and grace. I have her album “Only One”, with just her voice and a guitar or dobro (which is how I saw her live), so it’ll be interesting to hear what she sounds like with more people, although I suppose you could do that already, since she has 2 other previous albums!

Listen to songs on her website
and MySpace

Or watch her performing one of my favorites, Haunted House, at Bluesfest in Ottawa 2006:

Wishing Natalia smooth and speedy days in the studio, I can’t wait for the new album! Especially because at the concert she played some new songs that hadn’t been recorded yet, and I’ve been wanting to hear them again.

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