MoZella – You Won’t Forget Her!

MoZellaI have this silly little fantasy every time I put on my big hoop earrings, cargo pants and my pink hoodie that maybe I’m as street cool as Detroit native MoZella. Her music and her fashion sense have flavors of hip-hop, R&B and soul, so anyone who knows folkie, small-town Iowa me would probably laugh at the very idea of hip-hop Heather, which is why I haven’t ever confessed this till now. (And I’m still not sure I should have…) But MoZella writes her own songs and blends in acoustic guitars in a really fun way, so really it’s not too out there that I like her stuff.

Like Adrina Thorpe, MoZella was one of my first discoveries on MySpace when I first joined who I still love – her twinkly beats make me happy every time! Back then she had 2 or 3 of her songs available as free downloads. The songs have remained pretty heavy in my rotation, but somehow I missed when she released a full album last November.

Recently MoZella put up a MySpace bulletin announcing that she started a new little YouTube series of her doing cover songs from her bed. Here it is:

Get Under The Covers with MoZella!
I’ve decided to start a new video blog series called “Under The Covers”.
I will be doing cover songs from bands and artists that I really like while under the covers in bed! Each episode I’ll be in a new bed, in a new city, playing a new cover song, in a new set of pjs. Come check out my very first episode.
Let me know what song and what pjs you want next!!!!!!!!!!!

The video is cute and casual, and it prompted me to go check out her MySpace page and see what else she’d been up to. That’s when I discovered she had a full album and some professional music videos like this one: The song is called Amnesia, but the catchy tune is not one you’ll forget quickly!

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Want more MoZella? Check out her official website. I love the graphics!

You can get her album I Will on Amazon or iTunes My current fave tracks: Amnesia, Can’t Stop, Love is Something.

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3 Responses to “MoZella – You Won’t Forget Her!”

  1. Frank Gualtier says:

    Excellent one LV. MoZella’s a real natural and I enjoyed the vids. I also like that you mentioned Adrina Thorpe — I love that girl’s music!

  2. Jana says:

    Thanks for the recommendation! Very excited to go browse… :) Love the video!

  3. Heather says:

    Glad you lovely people enjoyed the post. MoZella rocks!

    And I’m hoping Adrina wins her radio contest so I can write that up. But if she doesn’t I’m sure she’ll do something equally great to write about. :)

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