Kathleen Taylor on Lyrical Venus Radio 1/18!

Angry Ghost By Kathleen TaylorKathleen Taylor Angry Ghost

Singer-Songwriter Kathleen Taylor

It was about two years ago that I first crossed paths with Kathleen Taylor.  Back then she was living in Austin, Texas and had recently released her debut full length album, Defy the World. I fell in love with her quirky, honest style and signed up to her mailing list, but as is often the case with so much music coming at me, I didn’t keep up as well as I’d like, though I think I did catch that she had moved back to her home state of Florida at some point in there.  So it was a lovely surprise to open up an email from Kathleen a couple months ago to find a link to a new video and find out she actually had a whole new album too!

Wondrous Potions is a completely apt title for Kathleen’s new collection of songs.  Each one seems to be mixed up with a dash of this and a touch of that to create a certain affect, but all of course infused with that essence of Kathleen – raw, sweet and tangy by turns.  Just taking a look at her website will give you an idea of what to expect, a little whimsical magic, some earthy and downhome nostalgia with a twist of vintage twang.

You could also check out the video she did for her song Angry Ghost (can you believe those gloves? Amazing!):

Or head on over to her website for the whole shebang!  http://www.kathleentaylormusic.com/

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