Kaki King = My New Hero

Oh my goodness. I’m so inspired that I simply MUST share this with you before I go to bed, so you’re getting it raw. :-)

I just discovered Kaki King. She’s kind of like a girl version of Justin King, who you should also totally check out. Oh, look at that, they have the same last name! But the thing that they have in common that I’m talking about is tapping. I LOVE that style of playing the guitar, it feels like the harmonics resonate with a part of my soul.

Watch her looping on this instrumental piece:

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She has a few songs on the August Rush soundtrack, (which I still have yet to see, waaaah), and apparently she plays the hand double for the movie as well.

Kaki has an album coming out March 11th called Dreaming of Revenge. I betcha I’ll write more about her after I get it. In the meantime, go to YouTube and type in Kaki King and soak it up. Wow.

Ok, whew, now I can sleep sound knowing that I haven’t robbed you of any more days before discovering Kaki. 😀

4 Responses to “Kaki King = My New Hero”

  1. mari says:

    hi heather, so glad you disc_overed kaki, she’s so cool!
    course i’ve got all her cd’s an’ rate her as one of this millenium’s one in a million musos, or perhaps even one in a millenium ;)*
    catch ya @ lyrical venus
    luv xo

  2. Sarah Clark says:

    instrumental music is very soothing and relaxing.-;.

  3. kalin says:

    If you like Justin King and Kaki you should also check out various videos of don alder heres a few







  4. Maya Bailey says:

    i always listen to instrumental music whenever i want to relax.`,-

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