Jessie Murphy – In The Woods on Lyrical Venus Radio Tues 7/28

Jessie Murphy - In The Woods
Jessie Murphy – In The Woods

I just love it when bands have creative descriptions to help you place them in that musical library in your mind. Take this one for Jessie Murphy – In The Woods: “Vampire Weekend meets Neko Case meets The Carter Family at a salon hosted jointly by Stevie Nicks and Emily Dickinson”. I mean sure, you could say that they’re a little bit classical, a little bit folk, a little bit punk, etc, etc, but really it’s more fun to imagine that gathering of incredible musical and poetic minds, right?

The New York City trio was formed just last year when Jessie, already an established singer-songwriter, asked two of her classmates from her Masters in Music Education program to step in and provide some more unorthodox instrumentation on an album she was recording.  From their first rehearsal it was obvious that the collaboration would reach beyond the one project.  The band features Jessie Murphy on vocals and guitar, Marcia Webb on vocals, Wurlitzer, flute and pan pipes, and Amy Stratton on horn, flute, percussion and organ.

Between some of the spoken word introductions on songs, their generally theatrical sweeping sound, and some of the quirky fun posts on their MySpace page, I had a feeling that their live shows must be fun to watch. I found a couple videos online that I think prove my hunch right.

This first one is of a live performance they did earlier this year of their song New York City Lights.  It shows the gal’s  harmonizing skills and some of their musical chops with a few different instruments:

Then this cover of Let’s Get Physical absolutely cracks me up with the deadpan earnest delivery! (Be sure you at least watch through one of the choruses, but the end is great too!)
Musical Fitness

If you are reading this elsewhere, you may need to come to the actual blog to see the videos

I just thought of another place where Jessie Murphy – In The Woods would probably fit in – playing a gig at one of the Mad Hatter’s tea parties!  Or perhaps in a pub at Hogsmeade, the gals seem to have quite an affinity for Harry Potter…

If you want to learn more about Jessie Murphy – In The Woods, check out their MySpace or follow them on twitter:

And of course, you can tune in for the live interview with them tomorrow on Lyrical Venus Radio!  KRUU-LP 100.1 FM in town, online from anywhere!  The interview will start shortly after 9am Central.

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  1. Marcia says:

    Thanks for the wonderful comments about our music! We are so playing Hogsmeade when the Harry Potter amusement park is opened!

    Peace, Love and Unicorns


  2. Interview-Lyrical Venus KRUU says:

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