Jennings Interview on Lyrical Venus Radio Tues 7/7

Singer-Songwriter Jennings
Singer-Songwriter Jennings

When I saw names like Sarah McLachlan, Imogen Heap, Tori Amos and Moby being thrown around as influences in Jenning’s music my interest was immediately piqued.  After all, while I don’t currently listen to all of those people, they all were heavy in my personal music rotation at one point in my life or another.  Surely I would like this music?

I wasn’t disappointed!  From the first track I heard, Falling Higher, I was treated to lush, piano-driven, electronica laden, intelligent pop.  Yum!  While I can definitely see why people would choose those great names to compare her to, I wouldn’t say Jennings really sounds like any of them – which is a good thing!  Just goes to show there’s a big difference between being influenced by someone and copying them.  Jennings’ music has qualities of all those great artists but is distinctly Jennings.  Comparisons to known names just help newbies find a place to start from, and like my case, were enough to draw me in to actually hit play and find out for myself what the music really sounds like.

Another similar tactic along the lines of  “starting with what the people know” when you introduce yourself to a new crowd is the cover song – put an interesting spin on a popular tune and you’ve got a great reference point.  Jennings does this well with the song Umbrella on her Storybook EP.   Longtime readers may remember when I posted about Mandy Moore’s and later Marie Digby’s acoustic versions of the same song made popular by Rihanna a couple summers ago.  Jennings takes it electronic, but still slowed down compared to Rhianna’s recording.  Check out this version with some live looping she did at a show at the beginning of the year, pretty cool:

If you are reading this elsewhere, you may need to come to the actual blog to see the video

Jennings has an interesting story about how she came to record her first album.  Shortly after her mother died, her father gave her the option of going to therapy or making an album.  I for one am glad she went the album route, and I daresay it was a therapy in itself!

If you want to find out more about Jennings’ story, see more videos, hear songs or buy her albums, check out her website or MySpace.

Tune in Tuesday from 9-10 am Central for the Lyrical Venus Radio Hour and the interview with Jennings starting a little after 9!  KRUU-LP 100.1 FM here in town, on the web from anywhere!

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