Jasmine Ash Likes Me!

At least that’s what her MySpace profile says! And Jasmine’s personality shines so brightly that somehow I believe it. Shine is also the name of her new album (June 2007), and it does indeed have a lovely sparkle.

Her delicate folk-pop is sometimes deceptive – Jasmine’s voice is so sweet and her melodies are so beguiling that you need to really listen to the lyrics to catch that some of the songs are wistful or even a bit angry. For example, the final track is a cover of Come Pick Me Up by Ryan Adams. It has a couple naughty words, but the spun-sugar vocals had me thinking “Did she really just say what I thought she did?” (It’s the only song to give the album an explicit rating. Some glitch on iTunes labeled every track as explicit. There’s a clean version too)

Other songs offer comfort – like Fall, where Jasmine lets you know you are not alone. I love it because you can hear the infectious smile on her face. Even better, you can see it in this video:

See? She likes you too!

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  1. Frank Gualtier says:

    Wow — that vid intro really threw me. Very cool!

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