Jana Pochop on Lyrical Venus Radio Tues 9am!

I found Jana Pochop’s blog shortly after I started mine. I was on the lookout for other blogs by or about female singer-songwriters who I could network with and somehow or another I stumbled on Jana’s. She became a quick favorite – her entries were funny, honest and interesting to me, especially since many of them were charting her path to become a better singer, songwriter, guitarist and performer, something near to my heart.

As for her music, man can Jana play guitar! But I guess that’s to be expected from someone who has been playing since they were twelve. I really love her fast fingers and the fun she has with open tunings. And she has as much appreciation and respect for a good lyric as I do, as evidenced by all the little snippets of lyric she has sprinkled all over her site.

It’s not just guitar she’s good at, Jana played all the instruments on her new EP The Early Year (she says it’s cheaper than hiring musicians!) minus a few handclaps by her producer Daniel Barrett (of Porterdavis) and some backing vocals by Susan Gibson, writer of the Grammy winning “Wide Open Spaces” (as sung by the Dixie Chicks).

Speaking of Daniel and Susan, another thing that has impressed me about Jana is how she has surrounded herself with great mentors and teachers down in Austin, Texas. She’s working and studying with Daniel at the Red Leaf School of Music (aka Folk Musician Grad school). She’s getting a lot of road experience as a merch girl touring with Susan and plenty of support and tips from Terri Hendrix among others.

So I’ve been watching with excitement over the past many months as Jana’s shared the process of making her EP. While she probably beats me for excitement that it just released, since it’s her own record, I’m right there behind her. Which is why I’m very excited to have Jana on Lyrical Venus Radio this Tuesday, October 14th!

Listen in at KRUU-LP 100.1 FM here in town, or stream it live from kruufm.com anywhere you’ve got a computer with a connection to the interwebs.

Check out Jana’s website or her MySpace to hear tracks from The Early Year

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