Interview with Rachael Sage on Lyrical Venus Radio! Tues 11/18

When I got the Rachael Sage press packet including her latest album Chandelier and several other of her recent releases I was floored. Rachael has 8 solo albums, her first release was in 1996 and she has won plenty of significant awards since then, including one of the “100 Most Influential Independent Artists Of The Past 15 Years” by Performing Songwriter magazine. How had I not heard of her?

On the first spin, the gorgeous voice, quirky/thoughtful lyrics and bright, brassy pop sound were enough to make me fall in love immediately with her music and feel kind of cheated that I didn’t know about it before. “You mean I could have been rocking out to this song for TWO YEARS now had I only known about it?!” (as in the song Wildflower off her 2006 release The Blistering Sun. Here’s the video, with a cameo by Randy Jones, original Cowboy of the Village People and Pharaoh in the production of Joseph that I was in this summer!)

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But back to Chandelier, it was released this summer and it is just as glittering as they say – glam guitars, twinkling piano and that bright horn section (omg can I tell you how much I LOVE the horns?!?! I LOVE them!) Somehow all the sparkle lifts up the songs that have heavy themes and transforms the album experience into one of hope and celebration of life.

For example here is the video for Vertigo, a song she wrote in response to finding out that someone she dated for a brief period was actually married:

Aside from the music, Rachael is a person I admire in many ways, from her fabulous fashion sense (her clothes are sparkly too!) to her producing her own records and running her own label to her generous spirit. Her MPress Records has released several compilation albums featuring up-and-coming or established-but-under-the-radar songwriters where 100% of the profits go to a charity. What a great way to raise the profile of many a cool and deserving artist, and help good causes in the process. (past Lyrical Venus featured artists included on the compilations include Ellis, Melissa Ferrick, Kyler England (of the Rescues) and Girlyman.)

Find out more about Rachael, listen to music samples and order her albums on her website or MySpace.

And tune in to KRUU-LP 100.1 FM on Tuesday for the interview! (That’d be if you want to listen online from anywhere in the world with an internet connection!)

photo credit: Bill Bernstein

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