Interview with Anne Heaton about Winterbloom Project on Lyrical Venus. Tues 11/24 9am

The Women of Winterbloom
The Women of Winterbloom

I met Anne Heaton this year at the Rocky Mountain Folks Festival.  She was one of the finalists for the songwriter’s showcase. I had looked up a bunch of the artists listed to perform so I could make a playlist of them for the radio show while I was gone, so even though I missed her mainstage set I recognized Anne coming through the gate where I was working security. I told her how I was disappointed to miss it and she told me that she was about to play an in-the-round set with Emily Kurn in the Wildflower Pavilion. They were starting just as I was getting off my shift and it was just the two of them so I got to hear a good number of songs from each. (When they do an in-the-round with four artists you only get two or three songs from each one.)

I signed up to their mailing lists afterward and got an email from Anne’s list a few weeks ago saying that earlier this year she had joined forces with Antje Duvekot, Meg Hutchinson & Natalia Zukerman to record an 8 song EP of both new and traditional holiday songs called Winterbloom: Traditions Rearranged.  Each artist wrote one original and put their twist on a traditional, and the other three joined in on harmonies and instruments. The girls are now touring as a group this season in support of the album, kicking off at CSPS in Cedar Rapids, IA on November 27th.

I had seen both Meg and Natalia perform in Iowa before, and judging by the other three people she was working with, I figured Antje must be amazing as well, so I was bummed that I was going to miss their show. (OK, so I’m in Peru for two weeks, which is awesome, but it just goes to show how awesome these women are that I actually had a few moments of wishing I could somehow change my ticket!)

Luckily, I was able to set up a time to pre-record an interview with Anne before I left, so you can still find out more about how the project came together, and hear a few songs from the Winterbloom EP during this week’s Lyrical Venus Radio Hour!

If you want to hear some song samples, buy the album, look up tour dates, and get links to Anne, Antje, Meg and Natalia’s own websites, go to their Winterbloom MySpace page. Winterbloom manages to be both fresh and familiar, which is perfect for that holiday time where you have a fine line of wanting to hear those old favorites but at the same time can be a little worn out on the same old things. I’m pretty sure that once you hear these gals working together, you’re going to want to dive into their other work as well!

And of course, be sure to tune in to KRUU-LP 100.1 FM in town or online anywhere on Tuesday, November 24th from 9-10am Central for an interview with Anne Heaton about the making of Winterbloom, plus hear non-holiday songs from each of these talented songwriters! Interview starts at about 9:30.

P.S. If you go see a show, tell them Heather says hi from Peru!

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