Interview with Amy Kuney on Lyrical Venus – Tues 9am!

This week on the Lyrical Venus Radio Hour I’ll be interviewing singer-songwriter Amy Kuney. She’s currently based out of Los Angeles and her full length debut album Bird’s Eye View was released last month.

Amy has come a long way from the cinder-block home in Honduras she grew up in as a teen with her missionary parents – the quiet and simple life she lived there provided a fertile ground for her musical creativity. I met Amy on MySpace a little over a ago and it’s been exciting to watch her career take off. Her talents are the kind that get her songs on TV shows, and catch the eye of established performers and inspire them to take her on tour with them. (She recently got back from a tour in Iceland with Damien Rice. He saw her cover of one of his songs on her YouTube channel, which is definitely worth checking out! Be sure to watch her cover of Anyone Else But You from the movie Juno where Amy plays both Bleeker AND Juno.)

I personally love how her quirky/clever lyrics always catch me by surprise. “Headache in my chest”? “Rocket surgery”? “Third party at a table for two”? Why yes actually, those images describe certain relationship situations perfectly!

Check Amy’s website and MySpace for more info, songs and album ordering info. Or you can download the album on iTunes:
Amy Kuney - Bird's Eye View

Tune in to KRUU-LP 100.1 FM or on Tuesday at 9am and I’ll kick off with some tunes by great female singer-songwriters before Amy calls in!

3 Responses to “Interview with Amy Kuney on Lyrical Venus – Tues 9am!”

  1. Frank Gualtier says:

    I love Amy Kuney and your writeup here summarizes her perfectly. Excellent!

  2. Annie says:

    so cool! i’ll be sure to try to listen while at work. good luck with the interview!

  3. Heather says:

    Oh hey Annie, thanks for stopping by my blog! The Amy interview was last week, but the archive should be up sometime soon, I’ll post a link when it is.

    This week I’m playing an interview I did with Melissa Ferrick when I was in Colorado in August.

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