I Still Can’t Believe This: Video for "Pek"

When I saw Ember Swift and Lyndell Montgomery perform Pek a couple years ago I was totally blown away. Not only is it a super fun and funky song with an exotic flavor, as it unfolded I kept thinking “Lyndell’s doing WHAT now? Ember’s playing her guitar HOW? I didn’t even know that was possible!” It’s definitely something you have to watch to get the full effect, so I was excited to find this video from when they toured in Australia with Adam Bowman.

Adam has a pretty kickin’ drum solo at about 6 minutes in. He wasn’t with them when they came through, so it’s a fun addition to the experience. (He’s also played drums for Doria Roberts and Melissa Ferrick, both ladies I’m going to have to write about soon!)

Feed and email readers may need to come to the blog to see the video.

I keep thinking this should be a movie soundtrack or something. Even though there aren’t any words, there is definitely a story being told.

And I forget how many bows Lyndell said she goes through when they’re on tour, but it was a lot…

Links to Ember, Lyndell and Adam’s individual websites:



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