Hotel Cafe Tour! (or Boy, Am I In Trouble)

As I discover more and more artists, one place that comes up a lot where they play is The Hotel Cafe. I finally checked it out online – it’s a cool little cafe in LA that is also a listening room for singer-songwriters and acoustic artists. (Listening room as in, people come to listen to the music, not to hang out with music in the background.) People are comparing it to the late 60’s and 70’s when the whole singer-songwriter thing really blossomed in LA before. So far the Hotel Cafe scene has grown up very organically and it seems like a very real, unpretentious place with a whole lot of awesome music coming out of it.

One thing they’ve done for the past couple years is a “Hotel Cafe Tour“, where a bunch of the people who play at the cafe go out on the road together.

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Since the chances of me actually getting to see the tour are slim, and I needed a theme for my radio show, I thought I’d check out some of the ladies who’ve been on the tour in the past and present.

And that’s where I got into trouble.

Usually I sort of discover artists one at a time and I have the chance to really listen and get to know them, but THERE ARE SO MANY GREAT ARTISTS FROM THE HOTEL CAFE TOUR!!! Can we say “Kid in a candy store”? I could quickly go broke buying up all their albums. (and that’s just the girls, the guys are awesome too.) I already had some – Ingrid Michaelson, Jessie Baylin, Imogen Heap, Priscilla Ahn, The Weepies, Mandy Moore and KT Tunstall – but I had to restrict myself to just one song each from other artists to do the radio show.

Go here for the playlist, complete with links to all the artist’s websites.

Sweet like candy. For your ears.

Excuse me while I go bounce around on my sugar high.

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    that is a sweet playlist!!

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