Fresh and Green – Music for Spring!

Originally posted on my MySpace blog.

One of the “dangers” of MySpace (and the internet in general) for me is the way I can so easily discover great new musicians. It’s a blessing and a curse, because while I can often get my fix by listening to music players on websites, if it’s good stuff I’ll want to take it with me, which means racking up a bill on iTunes.

Here’s my three most recently added to my library:

Jose Gonzales – one of his songs is featured on bouncy ball advertisement that I’ve been mesmerized by the past few days. (while you’re there, check out the exploding paint and the behind the scenes footage too. I’m in awe of the kind of people who can come up with such outrageous and beautiful ideas.)

Anaïs Mitchell – love this girl. She’s been to Cafe Paradiso twice now and I was trying to hold out for her to come back so I could buy her new album from her in person but we’re not on her near future schedule and I couldn’t wait any longer. Had it on repeat for for a few times around at work, and again this morning. It’s funny the whole live vs recorded thing. I listened to the recording of “Your Fonder Heart” online very shortly after her last concert and I was a little disappointed because it didn’t have quite the same gorgeous ache i remembered when it was just her and the guitar a few feet away from me, but really how could it? And now, after the memory of the concert has faded by many months, the CD version is beautiful and wonderful and I had it on repeat many times over because I just couldn’t get enough.

Priscilla Ahn – Finally found her after trying to track down who was singing with Joshua Radin on one of his songs (he’s coming to Iowa City next month! Imogen Heap just mixed one of his songs!). Beautiful and whimsical stuff. sigh.

So now I’ve got plenty of fresh, heart happy music to go with the happy feelings in my heart from the new spring grass creeping in!

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