Feist’s 1234 on the iPod Nano Commercial

1234 is an awesome song by Feist. I saw the awesome video for it on a friend’s MySpace a few weeks back and it brought back happy memories of the high school theater we used to do together – maybe some combo of the choreography, and the lyrics about “teenage hope”. If you haven’t seen it yet, have a look so you know what it’s all about:

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Link to better quality version on her website.

I was reminded of the song again when I saw the new iPod Nano Video commercial. TASTY! While I wouldn’t refuse a Nano if it was offered to me (in blue please), my trusty pink iPod mini is still trucking along with its little black and white screen. It’s full too, but I intend to keep it till it dies. It’s easy to swap songs on and off it, and it’s not like I can listen to all the songs on it at once. I bet in another couple years they will come out with one the size of your thumb that projects wide screen movies on your bedroom wall, so it’s probably worth waiting. But I was talking about Feist!

naturally got me curious to hear and see more, and I found this video for My Moon My Man – It’s got some flavor of the OK Go treadmills video, but it’s moving walkways in an airport!

The thing I love about Leslie Feist is her quirky creative spirit, and how she seems to just have FUN when she’s performing, whatever style of song she’s singing. I also love how her voice seems to just float over the music effortlessly. Oh yeah, and she can play the guitar too. In a dress. Chalk up another point for Canadian girls who rock.

Feist’s Official site

Check her out on MySpace
Get her new album The Reminder on iTunes or Amazon.

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  1. Jana says:

    dude. i have a mini as well! in blue. it won’t die. :) which is good, because i’d have to afford a new one. but those things are built like tanks. awesome.

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