Dar Williams DVD Preview Party Report!

So the Dar party was great fun! Many of the people who showed up were fairly new to Dar, and I think actually seeing her on screen was the next best introduction to seeing her live.

The DVD started off with Dar talking about Woodstock (where the concert was filmed) and performing in general and how there seemed to be something amazing and perfect about every night on tour – like adding a song to the set list out of the blue, and having someone come up to her afterwards saying that they’d driven 400 miles to hear that particular song. Then she did a solo set, and a set with the band.

I love hearing Dar’s stories about the songs, it adds a even more depth and understanding to the lyrics. I got goosebumps a few times because I was hearing the songs on a new level. It was also fun to hear some new stories or insights she had gained about a song, and then try to guess which one she was talking about before she started playing.

There was a brand new song called “The Easy Way” that she said was about her life as a musician and how she’d had several chances during her career to take an easy way out, but stuck to her principles and did it her way. I think that’s why people connect to Dar so powerfully, she’s very real and honest and herself.

If you’re interested in the Dar Williams: Live at Bearsville Theatre DVD, you can pre-order the full version with 16 songs, music videos and behind the scenes footage on MusicSpace.com. I definitely recommend it!

And now I’d like to take a moment to thank the people who made this event possible!

Provided by Razor and Tie, Dar’s record label:
1) Dar Tour Poster
2) Sampler CD
3) 45 minute Live at Bearsville preview DVD
4) “Cool As I Am” button
5) Coupons to get a discount off the full length DVD

Provided by me (oh, that’s cheezy, I didn’t mean to thank myself, just list stuff):
1) Mini lemon-poppyseed muffins
2) Chocolate chip cookies (the dough was actually made by my friend B, so all I had to do was mix in the chips and bake!)
3) Carrot sticks & celery & ranch dressing
4) Mandarine-Tangerine Mint Iced Tea
5) A few original tunes after the show

Provided by Goj:
1) Two bags of super tasty cheesy popcorn
2) Ginger ale

Provided by Tommy:
1) House cleaning
2) Furniture moving
3) Picture taking
4) Amazon herb tea

Provided by Gilberto:
1) Projector setting up
2) House cleaning
3) Furniture moving
4) Picture taking

Provided by the Library:
1) A projector!

Provided by Everyone Who Came:
1) Listening ears
2) Smiling faces
3) Good times!

P.S. Speaking of divinely orchestrated things – I’d told people I might do a couple of my own songs at the end, but after the amazing show, I was starting to chicken out. RIGHT at that moment someone called me out of the blue to say how much she liked my songs and wished I would play out more because they really touched her. (The last time she’d seen me play was a couple years ago at an open mic.) It was exactly what I needed to hear, because ever since Dar made such a huge difference in my life, I’ve been hoping that I might someday be able to give something like it back to the world. I think I’ve been holding back waiting to get “good enough”, but I’m also starting to think that you get better by DOING, not waiting for someone to tell you “ok, you’re now officially let out of the house” type of thing. And hey, if I can’t play for my friends, who else?

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  1. jana says:

    Oh my gosh that looks SO FUN! Congrats on a great party. :) Can’t wait to get the DVD meself…

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