Coming Soon…

Hang tight peeps! As seems to be par for the course this summer, I’ve just gotten home from one trip and am diving headfirst into my next projects – this time as in a bunch of part time job offers. I need to do a little figuring out, because they all sound cool, and if I do all of them, I won’t have any me time left! Which, after going to Song School, I’ve discovered I very much want me time for my own music! More on all that as it gets more clear.

Anyhoo, for first impressions after Song School, check my MySpace blog.

And know that I met a whole heap of A-MAZING musicians out in the mountains, and I plan to introduce you to a bunch of them here soon!

PS I have a few random pix up on flickr – I was so immersed in the classes that I didn’t have much chance to document, and then I ran out of batteries on the last day when I was ready for it. But you get some of the idea:
Claiming Spots in the Rain

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