The Shells on Lyrical Venus Radio 11/17

Tweet Cosmo Country band The Shells I always love getting new leads on great bands in my inbox, but not everything that comes my way is women artists, so when I saw things like “female harmony trio” and “MTV nomination for Best Breakout Artists in New York City” introducing the The Shells, I knew they […]

Music Videos & Musings on Indie Arts & Businesses

Tweet It’s cooooold here in Iowa. I’ve been spending lots of time snuggled under my down comforters (yes, two at a time, I told you it was cold!) watching music videos. So if you’ve got a snow day, I encourage you to make some hot coco and snuggle down under your own blankets for a […]

Interview with Rachael Sage on Lyrical Venus Radio! Tues 11/18

Tweet When I got the Rachael Sage press packet including her latest album Chandelier and several other of her recent releases I was floored. Rachael has 8 solo albums, her first release was in 1996 and she has won plenty of significant awards since then, including one of the “100 Most Influential Independent Artists Of […]

New Weepies Video!! With Muppets!

Tweet OMG I usually try not to post twice in one day, but this was too awesome not to share immediately. As if The Weepies weren’t cute enough already, now they are MUPPETS?!! Be still my heart! Feed and email readers may need to come to the blog to see the video I think one […]

Rachel Ries and Anaïs Mitchell Duo Project: "Country EP"

Tweet I’d like to introduce you to Rachel Ries and Anaïs Mitchell. I’ve mentioned them in passing a few times on this blog but especially in Rachel’s case never really properly which is a shame and quite selfish of me honestly. So without further ado, here they be: Now imagine them singing to you… Yes, […]