Update! Rachel Ries and Anaïs Mitchell on Lyrical Venus Radio Too!

Tweet Well, here I go double posting on one day again, but I’m doing a bit of last minute scrambling to schedule an interview with Rachel and Anaïs. They won’t be together on Tuesday so we’re not sure if they’ll be able to do a 3-way call or if they will call in separately. But […]

Rachel Ries and Anaïs Mitchell Duo Project: "Country EP"

Tweet I’d like to introduce you to Rachel Ries and Anaïs Mitchell. I’ve mentioned them in passing a few times on this blog but especially in Rachel’s case never really properly which is a shame and quite selfish of me honestly. So without further ado, here they be: Now imagine them singing to you… Yes, […]

People Look Around – Catie Curtis’ Song for New Orleans

Tweet It’s been two years since Hurricane Katrina broke through the levees in New Orleans.Catie Curtis’ song People Look Around was meant to raise awareness for the situation – looks like we still need it. You can download a karaoke version on Catie’s site if you want to get out there and sing it too! […]