Iowa City Concert Photos: Melissa Ferrick, Coyote Grace, Dar Williams, Women’s Music Festival

Tweet Finally found my camera cord and was able to upload pictures from the past month, including a few from some great concerts I saw up in Iowa City. They are kind of “artsy” because I didn’t want to use a flash and distract the performers. (clicking on any of the pix should take you […]

Melissa Ferrick Interview on Lyrical Venus Tuesday at 9am

Tweet When I was at the Song School in August I had the pleasure of taking a creative writing class with performing singer-songwriter Melissa Ferrick. She gave us a great exercise to get the creative juices flowing, and listened to a few people’s songs and gave them feedback. After the class I mentioned to her […]

Awesome Auction! Guitars from Melissa Ferrick, Dar Williams & More!

Tweet Well, I feel bad for not posting this sooner, but better late than never eh? The Institute for Musical Arts is holding a fundraising auction on eBay. They need $150,000 to complete a state-of-the-art recording studio at their campus in Goshen, MA. The auction has been going on since March 8th, but there is […]

Handful of Dates Tour

Tweet So I’m reading about Melissa Ferrick and how she is playing with Ani DiFranco for the “Handful of Dates Tour” this September and I’m thinking, “Oh bummer, with just a few dates it’s probably just big cities.” I click through to the info page and what do I see but “Iowa City, IA – […]