The Shells on Lyrical Venus Radio 11/17

Tweet Cosmo Country band The Shells I always love getting new leads on great bands in my inbox, but not everything that comes my way is women artists, so when I saw things like “female harmony trio” and “MTV nomination for Best Breakout Artists in New York City” introducing the The Shells, I knew they […]

Looking for Mandy Moore Umbrella Chords? Quick Tip!

Tweet For all you folks landing here after a search for guitar tabs or chords for the Mandy Moore cover version of Umbrella, here’s a hint I just tried out myself: 1) I did a Google search for plain old “umbrella tab” 2) Picked a chord transcription for Rihanna’s version that had a high rating. […]

Umbrella Craze Continues… Marié Digby Has One Too!

Tweet A couple entries back I posted a vid of Mandy Moore covering Umbrella by Rihanna. Since then I’ve gotten a bunch of hits from people searching on how to buy Mandy’s version. As of this posting, it’s not on iTunes, and I don’t know if it ever will be (if they add it later […]

Mandy Moore Borrows Rihanna’s Umbrella

Tweet Over at Yahoo Music they’ve got a little series called “Cover Art” where current musicians cover songs by other current musicians. It’s kind of like those reality shows where they swap families and try to pick polar opposite moms to make it more interesting, because the “Cover Art” series pairs up artists with songs […]

Quick Links

Tweet Just some quick little links because Harry Potter is calling! Two awesome interviews and two music related movie previews: Interview with Lori McKenna Interview with Mandy Moore Looks like August Rush is going to be a gorgeous movie, I cried just at this little preview! I really want to see Once. My friend in […]