June 10th is Gonna Be A Good Day…

Tweet …because that is when Priscilla Ahn’s first full length album, A Good Day, comes out! Here’s a sweet little video about the making of A Good DayFeed and email readers may need to come to the blog to see the video Priscilla seems to be doing real well, besides the upcoming album, she has […]

Priscilla Ahn’s Music on Grey’s Anatomy

Tweet I fell in love with Priscilla Ahn’s EP (and her voice, lyrics and wacky personality) this spring, after seeing her back up Joshua Radin on a YouTube video and tracking her down. I have been keeping an eye out for what’s happening in her world because I know it’s bound to be good – […]

Too Much Music? Keep Breathing! (or, Ingrid Michaelson Rocks!)

Tweet The more good music I find, the more good music I find. Every musician has friends and recommendations, not to mention my friends and family telling me about their new favorites. It’s a bit overwhelming! How to choose what to buy, how to resist so I don’t go broke, etc. I figure when I […]