There’s ‘No One’ Like Alicia Keys – But People are Trying!

Tweet When a song is good, a song is good. While it’s a little strange to me when people cover a song so soon after it comes out, it’s still fascinating to hear the different takes on it. Along the same line as Umbrella being covered by everyone last summer, another song everyone loves to […]

Ana Egge’s Lovely New Release: "Lazy Days"

Tweet Ana Egge just released a new concept album called Lazy Days yesterday (November 13th). It’s covers of songs that all celebrate laziness in one way or another. Sounds delicious – both the concept and the songs! Here she sings A Summer Wasting by Belle and Sebastian and it’s pretty gorgeous and perfect. Captures that […]

Umbrella Craze Continues… Marié Digby Has One Too!

Tweet A couple entries back I posted a vid of Mandy Moore covering Umbrella by Rihanna. Since then I’ve gotten a bunch of hits from people searching on how to buy Mandy’s version. As of this posting, it’s not on iTunes, and I don’t know if it ever will be (if they add it later […]

Mandy Moore Borrows Rihanna’s Umbrella

Tweet Over at Yahoo Music they’ve got a little series called “Cover Art” where current musicians cover songs by other current musicians. It’s kind of like those reality shows where they swap families and try to pick polar opposite moms to make it more interesting, because the “Cover Art” series pairs up artists with songs […]