Interview with Ellis & Terri on Lyrical Venus Radio! Tues 11/25

Tweet Back in February, just days before I left for my 2 month Spanish Immersion trip to Colombia, I did an interview with Ellis. It was my second interview on the show, and my first phone interview and I generally am a nervous wreck at phone calls, especially when I don’t know the person I’m […]

Iowa City Concert Photos: Melissa Ferrick, Coyote Grace, Dar Williams, Women’s Music Festival

Tweet Finally found my camera cord and was able to upload pictures from the past month, including a few from some great concerts I saw up in Iowa City. They are kind of “artsy” because I didn’t want to use a flash and distract the performers. (clicking on any of the pix should take you […]

Beaucoup Shakti on Lyrical Venus Radio!

Tweet Back in January I had the great pleasure of hosting Sharon Bousquet in the KRUU studio for my very first interview on Lyrical Venus. This week I’m excited to have her back with her newly formed trio! Beaucoup Shakti takes the first half of its name from French and the second from Hindi to […]

Shout It Out! Adrianne Rocks!

Tweet I almost missed Girlyman when they came through this fall. I’m glad I didn’t, or I would have also missed out on discovering a new favorite artist! The concert was on a Monday night, an hour and a half away, and I kind of spaced on getting a ticket till that actual day. I […]

Absolutely Inspired By Ani DiFranco’s Canon

Tweet When I went to the Ani DiFranco concert on her Handful of Dates Tour in Iowa City last month, I was completely BLOWN AWAY! I know, I know – as a female folkie I’m supposed to have Ani’s entire collection already or something, but I think I just wasn’t ready till now to really […]