Tables Turned, My Turn!

Tweet Me at a Cafe Paradiso Open Mic a few years ago… OK, I admit, I’ve been distracted from the blog lately, but that is because I’ve sort of had the tables turned on me in the past couple of weeks.  I was supposed to open for Ehren Ebbage‘s show last Saturday, so I was […]

Music Videos & Musings on Indie Arts & Businesses

Tweet It’s cooooold here in Iowa. I’ve been spending lots of time snuggled under my down comforters (yes, two at a time, I told you it was cold!) watching music videos. So if you’ve got a snow day, I encourage you to make some hot coco and snuggle down under your own blankets for a […]

Interview with Ellis & Terri on Lyrical Venus Radio! Tues 11/25

Tweet Back in February, just days before I left for my 2 month Spanish Immersion trip to Colombia, I did an interview with Ellis. It was my second interview on the show, and my first phone interview and I generally am a nervous wreck at phone calls, especially when I don’t know the person I’m […]

10 Questions with Leslie Berry

Tweet I’m very pleased to present you with the first of what I hope to be many Lyrical Venus interviews! I met Leslie Berry when she performed at Cafe Paradiso a few years ago with Lauren Lapointe. Both talented ladies were also very sweet and gracious after the show, and when I shyly told them […]

Celebrate Spiritual Diversity & Get Free Downloads!

Tweet But first a little background on how I found out about this. I got to see singer-songwriter/actress Celia Perform at Cafe Paradiso in March 2006. I signed up for her email list and have enjoyed being in the loop on her doings since then. One thing I have really admired is how she has […]