Lyrical Venus Interviews Round-Up

Tweet Life in Austin has been good.  I’ve learned so much about music and myself since last May.  I’ve performed at 119 open mics and showcases and the like since June.  I’m about to record my debut five-song EP at Rubicon Artist Development.  I’ve met all sorts of cool musicians at every level of their […]

Sharon Bousquet Video – All That A Woman Holds Dear

Tweet Oh yes friends, it has been a crazy few weeks! (Uh, so crazy that I wrote this whole post last night and forgot to hit the “publish” button!  oops!)  I’ll get to the Sharon Bousquet video in a minute but first a little update on what’s been keeping me so busy! The last weekend […]

Tables Turned, My Turn!

Tweet Me at a Cafe Paradiso Open Mic a few years ago… OK, I admit, I’ve been distracted from the blog lately, but that is because I’ve sort of had the tables turned on me in the past couple of weeks.  I was supposed to open for Ehren Ebbage‘s show last Saturday, so I was […]

15 Albums that Influenced Me

Tweet This is a little different than my standard fare here on Lyrical Venus, but there was a meme going around on Facebook that kind of surprised me when I filled it out and I thought it would be fun to share here since it’s musically related.   Plus this is close to the kind […]

Coming Soon…

Tweet Hang tight peeps! As seems to be par for the course this summer, I’ve just gotten home from one trip and am diving headfirst into my next projects – this time as in a bunch of part time job offers. I need to do a little figuring out, because they all sound cool, and […]