Brooke Brown Saracino: Interview on Lyrical Venus Radio and House Concert!

When I found Brooke Brown Saracino on MySpace earlier this year, I immediately fell in love with her song About My Heart and was delighted to discover she was offering it as a free download. I played it the next week on my radio show and sent her a note saying so, and inviting her to do an interview sometime. She replied that she was working on a new album and planning to tour the Mid-West in the fall so she’d be in touch.

Late summer Brooke emailed me again, asking for recommendations of places to play in Iowa. I gave her several suggestions but none of them were panning out since she would be coming through on a weekday. I’d gone to a few house concerts at my across the street neighbor’s house and had a great time, so I told Brooke that I would be up for trying one myself.

If you haven’t heard of it, a house concert is pretty much just what it sounds like – a concert in a house instead of a bar or coffee shop venue. More and more artists are looking to do house concerts these days as the atmosphere is relaxed, respectful and intimate; just a small group of people in a living room. In a small space there’s little to no sound equipment to deal with and the artist plays for donations rather than a cut of the door at a venue. (For more on house concerts check out

Brooke describes her sophomore release Stranger’s Story as minimal and melancholy with a playful sound. While her debut album Treading Water included trumpet, accordion and drums on some tracks, Stranger’s Story is stripped down to just Brooke and her guitar, with the occasional ukulele, xylophone, fiddle and kazoo layered in.

A truly independent artist, Brooke did all the recording, editing, mixing and production on the album herself. Her music has won her honors in the Rocky Mountain Folks Festival Singer/Songwriter showcase every year since 2005, and she was selected to perform at this year’s Falcon Ridge Folk Festival Emerging Artist Showcase.

Brooke has also opened for some of my very favorite singer/songwriters like Lori Mckenna, Rose Polenzani, Beth Amsel, and Cheryl Wheeler to name a few. While her sound is her own, Brooke definitely has a resonance with the aforementioned ladies, and I occasionally hear a hint of Anaïs Mitchell and maybe even a little Rachel Ries in her some of her songs too.

I’m looking forward to my interview with Brooke on Tuesday morning and the house concert that night. If you’re interested in the concert but didn’t get an invite consider this your official invitation and email me at [LyricalVenus at gmail dot com] for details!

If you can’t make it to the concert (or even if you can!), tune in to KRUU-LP 100.1 FM or from 9-10am for an interview and to hear a few songs from Brooke!

You can get Brooke’s first album Treading Water from:
her website
CD Baby
or iTunes: Brooke Brown Saracino - Treading Water

Check out Brooke’s MySpace to hear tracks from the just released Stranger’s Story, which should be available online soon!

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