Ani DiFranco Talks About Mindful Parenting, New CD Coming Soon!

I just saw this video of Ani DiFranco talking with Mindful Mama Magazine. They have a great contest going on for moms to win a trip to see Ani in NYC, with a spa package and babysitting included. :)

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What astounds me about this video is Ani’s honesty and presence. And the fact that someone who seems so confident and bold and has been running her own show/label/life for so long could still be experiencing moments of self-hatred, but is self aware enough to both recognize and work on it. Kind of blows the whole “But I have to be perfect before I can do it and be a success” tape that I bet a bunch of us still play in our heads out of the water. (Somebody please remind me I said that next week when I am in Song School freaking out and self-doubting myself into a pit of despair and “I’m not worthy”-ness from all the talented people surrounding me. I hope that doesn’t happen, but it’s kind of happening to me right now before the fact…)

Anyhoo, in other Ani related news, she has a new album called Red Letter Year coming out September 30th. Her first new one in a couple of years. (Sounds similar to Dar’s story!) You can hear a new song from it on her MySpace, and there should be more new stuff posted there in the weeks leading up to the release. Can’t wait to get my hands on Present/Infant.

PS Dar Williams has a great pre-order deal going on now – order the CD and get one free, plus a “making of” DVD.

6 Responses to “Ani DiFranco Talks About Mindful Parenting, New CD Coming Soon!”

  1. Missy says:

    Thanks for the video and the news about Ani’s new album — can’t wait!

  2. jana says:

    Oh psssshhh

    a) you rock, miss songwriter.

    b) I have found that workshops of that nature are really awesome supportive nurturing environments.

    c) so enjoy!!!!! :)

    Yay new Dar and Ani!

  3. Heather says:

    Missy – I know! So exciting!!!

    Jana – THANK YOU! I know all this but I just had a few little panic moments, and I’ve never really been to something like this before but my songwritery friends are all saying the same thing, so whew! I shall enjoy! And as I told Ananda today, even if by some crazy chance it is as scary as my freaked out self thought it might be, at least I have a festival of awesome music to listen to after the school part. hehehe

  4. Sankari W. says:

    i love ani – she came to sing at my old college twice (Earlham college) back in the mid nineties…. sheesh! i sound old… anyhoo… loved hearing this great news — what a great deal with the spa package and babysitting!!! i will have to get on that! and YOU are awesome heather!!! don’t panic!

  5. Bodhi Val says:

    I worship Ani Difranco! : ) And I just saw her for the first time in NY last month. Amazing.

    As for the stories you are telling yourself – these stories, if you want my armchair-therapist-Buddhist opinion ; ) are pure fiction – conditioned critical voices from the past. And every time you hear them? – that’s a message to you that you are not present in your own experience right now – come back, come back, come back – and just sing from your heart. That’s a beautiful heart ya got there. Got a real nice song too.

  6. Heather says:

    Sankari – hee, I know what you mean about feeling old, the other day I said something about how I remembered some store used to be in town 20 years ago and it kind of shocked me. But either way, Ani rocks! Yay.

    Bodhi Val – yes, silly critical stories from the past indeed. I know this, but sometimes it takes a few friends to remind me when I forget, so thanks for that!

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