3 Awesome New Music Releases Today!

Quick post to give you some happy news for today – despite the crazy stuff that can happen in this world, musicians out there are creating new and beautiful songs all the time. There are plenty of great new albums that were released today, but here’s three that I’m interested in particular:

1) Ingrid Michaelson’s song Keep Breathing. Those of you wanting to download or purchase a CD of Keep Breathing can finally do so today because the Grey’s Anatomy Season 3 Soundtrack is out! Lucky for iTunes users, Ingrid’s song is one of the few available to download as an individual track, most of them are only available if you buy the whole album. Grey’s has awesome music in general, so you probably couldn’t go wrong with the whole thing, but if you’re like me and trying to conserve on the spending, it’s nice to be able to just get the track you want.

2) MariĆ© Digby’s (the girl who covered Umbrella) first EP Start Here, with some of her original songs. It’s only available on iTunes at the moment. Four songs, and they are all sweet, simple acoustic versions.

3) Ani DiFranco’s career retrospective Canon. This should be a really awesome one for the fans. Rather than slapping a bunch of number one hits together, every track was picked by Ani, and she even updated five of her classics to give them a fresh take: Napoleon, Shameless, Your Next Bold Move, Overlap, Both Hands. I have to confess to only knowing the last two of those, but I have a feeling that will be remedied next week when I go to my first Ani concert. Wheee!

3.5) Also out today is Ani’s first book of poetry published in the United States: Verses. There’s a 15% discount when you buy Verses and Canon together on the Righteous Babe website.

(You can get Ani’s stuff on Amazon or iTunes but really, buying from her website is the best way to support her.)

Enjoy! (I’ve got Keep Breathing on repeat at the moment, it’s just what I need right now.)

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