15 Albums that Influenced Me

Tweet This is a little different than my standard fare here on Lyrical Venus, but there was a meme going around on Facebook that kind of surprised me when I filled it out and I thought it would be fun to share here since it’s musically related.   Plus this is close to the kind […]

Lauren Zettler on Lyrical Venus Radio! Tues 9-10am

Tweet I actually discovered Lauren Zettler in a rather roundabout way. It all started with Bob Baker. He’s a smart guy who has lots of books and blogs with tips for independent musicians and authors to market themselves. Definitely worth checking out for anyone who is looking for help in the marketing department, because many […]

Lyrical Venus Valentine Show with Sharon Bousquet! Tues 9-10am

Tweet Yeah, it’s that time of year again – Valentine’s Day.  Some people look forward to it, some people dread it.  But either way, there’s a whole bunch of songs all about the theme of the day and that would be LOVE. So LOVE my friends, will be the theme of the Lyrical Venus Radio […]