Coming soon!!

Tweet Hooray! I’m in the process of switching over to WordPress for Lyrical Venus!  I’m very excited because it will be all new and shiny, but in the meantime I’m still working out a few things, so please go to for all my posts about female singer-songwriters.  (The old posts will shortly all be […]

New Interviews Added to the Lyrical Venus Radio Archives!

Tweet Wow, I think this is the first week in a looong time that I DON’T have an interview lined up for The Lyrical Venus Radio Hour! That’s fine though, I’m sure not lacking in fantabulous music to play. Tune in Tuesday from 9am-10am Central time to hear it! If you’re needing an interview […]

Music Videos & Musings on Indie Arts & Businesses

Tweet It’s cooooold here in Iowa. I’ve been spending lots of time snuggled under my down comforters (yes, two at a time, I told you it was cold!) watching music videos. So if you’ve got a snow day, I encourage you to make some hot coco and snuggle down under your own blankets for a […]

Moira Smiley Interview on Lyrical Venus! Tues 9am

Tweet Moira Smiley & VOCO You might not notice them a first glance, but check out the boots on the ladies of VOCO. More than just a fashion statement, the boots are actually an important part of their act! The wide variety of music they perform, from original folk to traditional ballads, makes VOCO a […]

Truckstop Souvenir On Lyrical Venus Radio! Tues 9am

Tweet I’ve been a big fan of the husband and wife Americana duo Truckstop Souvenir pretty much since they moved to town a couple years ago from Seattle. First off, anyone who can see and appreciate the beauties of this state gets big points in my book! I know it’s not perfect here, but there’s […]