Lori McKenna’s Unglamorous Now Available!

Tweet It’s been out since yesterday, but I just downloaded my copy from iTunes tonight. Came with a bonus track and digital booklet. Unglamorous is definitely more polished/produced sounding than her previous stuff, but it’s still Lori. I’m pretty curious to know how many songs are autobiographical and how many are just her ability to […]

Too Much Music? Keep Breathing! (or, Ingrid Michaelson Rocks!)

Tweet The more good music I find, the more good music I find. Every musician has friends and recommendations, not to mention my friends and family telling me about their new favorites. It’s a bit overwhelming! How to choose what to buy, how to resist so I don’t go broke, etc. I figure when I […]

I NEED To See This Movie

Tweet Unfortunately the closest showing I can find is 2 hours away. Hmmmmmmmm… Music video of the song Falling Slowly with scenes from the movie Once, plus studio footage: I guess in the meantime I could get the whole Soundtrack on Amazon…Or just Falling Slowly on iTunes. UPDATE: My lovely husband drove me up to […]

Listen to Lori McKenna’s Album Unglamorous NOW!

Tweet Just found out you can listen to Lori McKenna’s entire new album “Unglamorous” a week before you can buy it in stores! Just go to rhapsody.com. It’s free, you just have to download their player. Going off for a listen. P.S. Her new website is looking great, and has current touring info, news etc.

The Next Best Thing to Live

Tweet Ok, this has been around for a while, but if you haven’t seen Zach Braff’s broadcast from Indie 103.1 of five artists from the Last Kiss Soundtrack, you are in for a real treat! Here’s a guy who loves music, and he manages to get a bunch of his favorite artists to not only […]