People Look Around – Catie Curtis’ Song for New Orleans

Tweet It’s been two years since Hurricane Katrina broke through the levees in New Orleans.Catie Curtis’ song People Look Around was meant to raise awareness for the situation – looks like we still need it. You can download a karaoke version on Catie’s site if you want to get out there and sing it too! […]

Umbrella Craze Continues… Marié Digby Has One Too!

Tweet A couple entries back I posted a vid of Mandy Moore covering Umbrella by Rihanna. Since then I’ve gotten a bunch of hits from people searching on how to buy Mandy’s version. As of this posting, it’s not on iTunes, and I don’t know if it ever will be (if they add it later […]

Jasmine Ash Likes Me!

Tweet At least that’s what her MySpace profile says! And Jasmine’s personality shines so brightly that somehow I believe it. Shine is also the name of her new album (June 2007), and it does indeed have a lovely sparkle. Her delicate folk-pop is sometimes deceptive – Jasmine’s voice is so sweet and her melodies are […]

Mandy Moore Borrows Rihanna’s Umbrella

Tweet Over at Yahoo Music they’ve got a little series called “Cover Art” where current musicians cover songs by other current musicians. It’s kind of like those reality shows where they swap families and try to pick polar opposite moms to make it more interesting, because the “Cover Art” series pairs up artists with songs […]

The Ditty Bops New Farm Tour Blog

Tweet As I mentioned earlier, The Ditty Bops are currently doing a tour of farms to help raise awareness and funds for farming. They started a fun new blog to track their travels. Last year they rode their bikes across the country on tour to raise awareness for alternative forms of transportation. Here’s a little […]