10 Questions with Lelia Broussard

Singer-Songwriter Lelia Broussard

Singer-Songwriter Lelia Broussard

I think I first saw Lelia Broussard in her acoustic cover of Beyonce’s Single Ladies on YouTube.  Her goofy faces and charming smile as she hammed it up for the camera didn’t hide the fact that she had a VOICE.  Smokey, warm and soulful, she gave the dance number a fun swingin’ take.  I instantly subscribed and started checking out her original material.

Then Lelia started showing up on my radar again back when she was touring with Alison Weiss and Bess Rogers on their Quest for Glory Tour and I discovered more of her tunes.  Sometimes upbeat and catchy, sometimes slow and sultry, they all had that unique stamp of Lelia’s voice.

I was really excited when her official music video for Scared to Feel came out.  Beautifully produced, I love the visual metaphor of someone being stripped of all the life-trappings they hide behind until they find themselves back out in nature, connected and vulnerable.

If you’re reading elsewhere, you may need to come to the blog to see the video

Lelia is now in the process of creating her next album, which includes writing and recording songs, and raising funds, all the while staying connected with her fans and maintaining that ever-growing creep of social networking sites that seem to keep popping up!  She took some time out of her busy schedule to answer some questions about performing, touring, and how she keeps in touch with her fans.

1. Do you remember writing your first song? How does that experience compare to writing songs now?

Yes I do, I actually wrote it about my orthodontist :) it’s just more evolved, as you grow as a person, so does everything else… I know a lot more now, but realize I know very little too

2. What’s the hardest thing about performing? What’s the best?

hmm, i guess maybe when its a paid performance and people aren’t there to see me really, like I just did a corporate gig that was super awkward, the best is when people come to see me, and they come up to me afterwards and tell me a story about how much a song meant to them and why, that is super cool

3. Who are the top 3 artists in your iPod/music player right now?

These are the worst questions for me, so I don’t usually answer because I hate to pick, but right now I am loving Joey Ryan, Laura Veirs, and Chris Pierce

4. Tell us about a favorite tour moment.

All of the Quest for Glory tour was my favorite… :) it was so much fun to be touring with ladies that I genuinely like and admire

5. The internet has changed the way artists make, share and perform their music. What are your favorite sites for reaching out to fans and why?

Right now, Formspring, Twitter, and Facebook are all the best, oh, and Tumbler! And really just my email list is the best place for me to connect with people. So anybody reading should totally sign up for that :) at lb524@leliabroussard.com

6. Your current project is raising funds for your next album through Kickstarter, a site where fans can make pledges and receive fun rewards for their support. What has been your experience with using the site so far and what do you still hope to get out of it? What rewards are you most excited about offering?

Kickstarter has been amazing for me, I had no idea what to expect but it’s been so great, everyone has been so supportive. We are hoping to get to over 15,000 which blows my mind, but maybe it can happen, people seem to really want to help out. And the way music sales are now, this makes it possible and gives me real hope that I can continue to do this. I am kind of excited about the Acoustic Record that I am doing alongside the Studio Record reward. People have been asking me a very long time to do an acoustic record, and now I am!

7. What songs are you most looking forward to recording on the new album?

Well, some I haven’t written yet, and half of them have been recorded already, so that’s kind of hard to answer!

8. What instrument(s) do you play and how did you learn?

Mostly guitar, and I play around on piano, and this year I am learning bass, and maybe horn.

9. You have a beautiful name – what is the heritage/background behind it?

Broussard is my mom’s last name, we are Cajun French, and Lelia was my great grandmother’s name. Thank you!

10. BONUS QUESTION: What is your favorite sandwich? :)

Avocado, Turkey, Sprouts, Tomatoes, lettuce.

There you have it folks!  10 questions with Lelia Broussard.  If you want to find out more about her, connect, listen to songs, or buy her previous albums, be sure to check out her sites:



If you want to support her new album, go to her Kickstarter page!  At the time of this writing, there are only three days left to get in your pledges!

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