Wendy Wall on Lyrical Venus Radio! Tues 9am

Singer-Songwriter Wendy Wall
Singer-Songwriter Wendy Wall

Back in November of ’08 the ever amazing Milli pointed me in the direction of Wendy Wall.  I was immediately enchanted with Wendy’s voice and especially the song February Thaw from her album Two Birds.  (As of this posting you can listen to it on her MySpace and on her website).  When I contacted Wendy she was working on her new album and we decided to do an interview for the release, which is coming up officially on March 31st, so if you tune in to the interview Tuesday the 24th you’ll be getting a little sneak preview!

It’s true, the first thing that hits you on listening to Wendy Wall’s music is her voice – rich and textured like a tapestry. But if you keep listening you realize that the words are as beautifully woven as the vocal elements. Wendy’s new album Road to Paradise charts a course full of “heartbreak, inner demons, deferred dreams and the sometimes seemingly unforgiving terms of life as an artist” in a way that pulls out the the lessons learned and emphasizes the transformations, in a way that everyone can relate.  She really is an amazing poet and writer.

If you get the chance, I highly recommend a perusal of Wendy’s new website, her journals and blogs are filled with some pretty wonderfully written stories about the events that shaped her as a child and about her musical journey.

It’s also the best place to buy her new album:)

Tune in to KRUU-LP 100.1 FM or kruufm.com on Tuesday, March 24th from 9-10 am Central for your weekly dose of female singer-songwriters.  Wendy interview at 9:30.

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  1. Dave Zeman says:

    I’ll look her up.


  2. milli says:

    seconds away…………….. ;O

  3. milli says:

    lovely to hear ya live Wendy! ;)*

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