Wendy Waldman, Wonder Woman!

Finally, the first of last month’s promised concert reviews!

Wendy Waldman is one of those musicians I didn’t know I knew. She’s totally amazing, and has been to Cafe Paradiso twice now!

If you’ve heard Fishing in the Dark (most recently recorded by Garth Brooks, originally made famous by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band), or the Grammy nominated Save The Best for Last sung by Vanessa Williams (pre-Ugly Betty), then you’ve heard the work of Wendy.

From her bio:

“Her songs have also been recorded by Maria Muldaur, Robert Smith of the Cure, Linda Ronstadt, Kim Carnes, CeCe Winans, NewGrass Revival, Randy Travis, Randy Meisner, Edgar Winter, Jesse Colin Young, Percy Sledge, Kenny Rogers, Judy Collins, Melissa Manchester, Rita Coolidge and Bette Midler to name just a few.”

Not only can Wendy write killer tunes, she has all these amazing stories from her life in the music business as a producer, peformer and songwriter that she sprinkles into her set list, like the time she went to the Grammy’s with Vanessa, or her recent travels to Poland. I kept track of her set list, because I had the feeling I’d like to research some of the songs later.

Wendy Waldman Set List, Friday, September 14, 2007
(links are to her songs available on iTunes)
1) My Time In The Desert
2) Fishing In The Dark
3) Charles River Song

(She did the next two on the piano)
4) Mad Mad Me
5) Back By Fall
(I really liked this one, she said it was about the question “What can an artist do to help the world?”)

6) New Mexico Cadillac
7) When I Rode Next To You
8) Save the Best For Last
9) Forever Ride

You can listen to some of her songs on MySpace.

Wendy also has all her albums (from 1973-2007) that are in print available on her website, and she’ll even sign them for you!

If you ever get the chance to see Wendy live, I highly recommend it! Between the stories and the songs it was quite a delightful evening. She also seems to be someone very confident and comfortable with herself and with performing. Both times I’ve seen her I’ve been really inspired by what a range of things there are to do and be in the music world. Definitely a role model for anyone who is a musician, a woman or both! Not to mention her music itself is fabulous. :)

(You can also find several of Wendy’s albums on Amazon.)

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3 Responses to “Wendy Waldman, Wonder Woman!”

  1. butterfly says:

    Hey Heather!

    Thanks for visiting my blog (and your comments!) — it’s so neat to have somebody happen upon me out of the blue and actually speak up in the comments! How did you find my blog? I’m curious about the connections…

    I enjoyed reading some of your posts here — will definitely check out Wendy Waldman — I’m particularly intrigued by the Maria Muldaur reference because I grew up listening to and loving my mom’s Maria Muldaur albums, so I’d be interested to see which of my favorite songs were possibly written by Wendy.

    Anyway, I have bookmarked your blog and plan on visiting often — we seem to have a lot of mutual music loves (Dar Williams, Feist, The Weepies, Regina Spektor, et al.) and similar beliefs in terms of supporting indie artists, etc. Speaking of which — have you heard of Cloud Cult?? If you haven’t, YOU HAVE GOT TO CHECK THEM OUT!! Discovered them via http://www.thesneeze.com

    Before I say goodbye, where did you get the expandable (keychain) bag?? I think it would be a great gift idea to stimulate others in my network of family/friends to start bringing their own bags to shop! Plus, it just sounds downright handy in general ;-D

    thanks again for your words — V

  2. Heather says:

    Welcome Butterfly! It was my pleasure! Always great to find people who love the same types of music.

    Maria Muldaur is an amazing lady – I’ve gotten to see her twice in the past couple years and she is still sassy, soulful and strong! I only hope I have that much energy when I’m her age.

    Cloud Cult and thesneeze.com are both cool in their own different ways, thanks for the heads up!

    I left you a comment on your blog, but in case anyone else was curious, the expandable shopping bag on a keychain I was talking about was a Chico bag: http://www.chicobag.com/
    It’s so great to always have a bag on hand for those unplanned quick trips to the store when I don’t have my stash of canvas totes.

  3. Amelia Thomas says:

    i first saw Vanessa Williams on the Miss USA pageant, she was so beautiful in the old days:’,

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