Welcome to Ladytown!

Sarah Coleman quite possibly has the best MySpace “About” section I’ve ever read. Most musicians fill the space with bios that, while honest and good, can start to sound a bit the same after several dozen. Sarah’s has a story about an exhausted executive-type hearing Ladytown on the radio for the first time that reads a little something like a scene in a movie and it drew me right in.

How did I find this North Portland indie alt-country songstress from all the way out in Iowa? Remember when I met Amy Raasch on MySpace and interviewed her about her 52 Songs in 52 Weeks project? (Yep, she’s still cranking ’em out, go Amy!) Well, she and Sarah are friends in real life, and that’s how Sarah found my page. I’m so glad she did, because I love her music. Her MySpace player opened to the song Long Time Coming which I promptly listened to three times in a row. (Always a good sign when you can’t get enough!)

Her sound is described as Dolly Parton meets David Lynch. She’s one of eight picks for Jane Magazine’s / Conde Nast “It List” of 2007. I’m proud to announce that this week on Lyrical Venus Radio Hour I’ll be interviewing Sarah Coleman of Ladytown! Tune in to kruufm.com on Tuesday at 9am Central to hear it.

To whet your palate, take a look at this video for her song Give You Peace from her first album, Ladytown:

Feed and email readers may need to come to the blog to see the video

You can also listen to songs on her MySpace.

You can get the song Back To Me as a free download from the Conde Nast “It List”.

You can buy her album Thirty-Nine Nineteen on:

CD Baby (More money goes to Sarah)

Ladytown - Thirty-Nine-Nineteen

or Amazon

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  1. Missy Keenan says:

    Hey, I finally remembered to tune into your show this morning — I’m listening to it right now — nice job. :-)

  2. Heather says:

    Hi Missy, thanks so much for tuning in! Glad you like it. :)

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